You probably see it every day. Coins with no purpose. A couple of weeks ago someone attempted to launch something called “CableCoin” - a coin for buying computer cables. Why in the hell would anyone go to the hassle of obtaining a coin with the sole purpose of purchasing computer cables? It makes no sense. There is no benefit for the consumer.

JuggaloCoin (JUG) is different. JuggaloCoin is focused on a specific community of PEOPLE, and offers huge benefits for them. Some of these include:

1. Keeping funds in the family. The most important thing to understand about Juggalo culture is that it is all about Family and helping each other out. By spending Juggalo Coins, Juggalos can be certain that their money is going to someone who is “down with the clown.”

2. Promoting the positive aspects of the Juggalo lifestyle. Juggalos receive a lot of bad press, and our goal is for Juggalo Coin is to present the message that you shouldn’t believe all the hysteria you may read, and that we are a community standing together to help and support our own. This could actually produce some positive news stories about Juggalos for once.

3. Supporting Juggalo charities. There are already Juggalo-specific charities, and we’re hoping that Juggalo Coin will become the preferred way to donate to them. To facilitate this, we are offering an enormous reward to the first two certified Juggalo Charities that sign up to accept Juggalo Coin. See details in the “bounties” section.

4. Promoting recognition of February 17 as international “Juggalo Day.” The first Juggalo Day was celebrated in 2012, and in a couple of short years it has grown into a huge event featuring special shows by ICP and several days of madness. Of course, we understand that Juggalo Day is probably never going to become an official national holiday. That’s not the goal. The goal is for recognition, in the same way that 4/20 is recognized as a marijuana holiday.



Concerts and Gathering Of The Juggalos. Each year, over 20,000 Juggalos come together for a weekend-long celebration like no other. “The Gathering of the Juggalos” has been going on for 15 years, and it gets bigger and bigger each year. There are dozens of vendors at the event, and working with these vendors to accept JuggaloCoin is a top priority. We are offering HUGE bounties for the first 3 GOTJ vendors who agree to accept JuggaloCoin (JUG). And we’ll even help them set eveything up -- though it’s not hard to do.

Once we get a couple of vendors on board, the rest will almost certainly follow suit. No one wants to be the one vendor at Gathering of the Juggalos who doesn’t accept JuggaloCoin! And once JuggaloCoin is established among vendors at GOTJ, vendors at other venues across the country will follow suit. Psycopathic Records artists put on hundreds of live shows every year. We believe that soon, you'll be able to spend JuggaloCoins at any of these events.

Online Stores. We’re hoping, of course, that the official ICP “Hatchet Gear” site will begin accepting Juggalo Coins soon. There are lots of other sites that sell Juggalo-related gear as well that would be perfect candidates.

However, Juggalos don’t just buy hatchet man gear online. They buy all kinds of shit, just like everybody else. (Remember, about 1 in 300 Americans are Juggalos.) We plan to apply for inclusion in the network after launch. This would make it super easy for any online merchant – whether Juggalo-related or not – to accept Juggalo Coins. We believe strongly in the model being developed by CoinPayments, and I think that within a year or two it will be common for online retailers to accept hundreds of different crypto currencies.

There are 10’s of thousands of online retailers who could see big benefits from accepting JuggaloCoins (JUG).

Sending funds to a Juggalo in need. Juggalos help each other out. When a Juggalo or Jugalette is in need, whether they’re across town, across the country, or around the world, we want to help. JuggaloCoin (JUG) makes it easy.

Person to person sales. Think Craiglist here. A Juggalo might list a sofa for $50 – or a discounted price in Juggalo Coins. Let’s say 25 JuggaloCoins (JUG) . It’s a great way to support the Family.

And of course, Juggalo Coin can be used for any legal person-to-person transaction. However, you should not use Juggalo Coins for illegal purposes. You may think I’m just covering my ass here, but I’m not. I’m deadly serious.

No matter what you might have heard on the interwebs, crypto currency is NOT anonymous. Bitcoin isn’t. Dogecoin isn’t. And Juggalo Coin isn’t. In fact, with all of these currencies, it’s quite the opposite. All transactions are recorded publicly, forever. No, your name is not attached. But it’s a very simple matter for law enforcement to follow the money right to your doorstep.

Yes, there are ways that a sophisticated user can protect their anonymity. But if you’re not a crypto expert and you are involved in the sale of drugs or other shady enterprises, here’s a tip: Use a currency that’s truly anonymous. A currency that’s completely untraceable. A currency that’s the choice of drug dealers worldwide – the United States Dollar.

OK, enough of my rant. Let’s talk about getting these coins into the hands of some Juggalos!


It’s obviously vital to get these coins into the hands of some Juggalos and Juggalettes for this whole thing to work. However, we’ve seen the coins that are supposedly doing “air drops” to millions of people through some complicated (often vaporware) registration system. They premine a huge 50% of the total coins. It’s a recipe for fraud and a massive pump and dump.

This is NOTHING like that. This is a simple system that will be in place on day 1, and will work. And we’re not trying to immediately put the majority of the coins into circulation. Instead, we will “prime the well” by distributing 470,890 (about 1% of the eventual total) coins directly to Juggalos.

We call it “The Hatchet Drop” and it will take place on Twitter.

The way it works is simple. If you are a Juggalo, you simply tweet your JuggaloCoin (JUG) address along with the hashtags #JuggaloCoin and #Coins4Fam. And provide some visible evidence that you are actually a Juggalo. The best would be having a profile pic of you in facepaint. Holding or wearing hatchet gear works, too. If the request seems legit, we’ll retweet it. We’ll have a bot that’s scanning our account for these retweets, and when it sees them, it will send the coins.

Of course, it’s not really practical for us to process thousands of these by hand. So this is where it gets really interesting. People who have already received their Hatchet Drop coins automatically become “ambassadors” and they are also able to approve up to 10 requests each from other Juggalos simply by retweeting. The bot will look for retweets from them, as well.

So we’ll handle the initial couple of hundred requests, and then there should be plenty of ambassadors to keep things rolling.

We’ve set aside 2,170 allotments of 217 coins each to be distributed through the Hatchet Drop. After the initial allotment is distributed, we will evaluate the program and it’s success in growing the buzz in the Juggalo community. If it’s a big success, as we believe it will be, any coins left over from other activities (like the bounty program) will be allocated for a second wave of the Hatchet Drop in which participants will receive 21.7 coins each.

Is it possible to for a few people to get some coins they don’t deserve?

Well, maybe. But think about it. These are coins that rightfully belong to the Juggalo Family. If someone is pretending to be a Juggalo just to get coins, that’s basically stealing from the Family. PUBLICLY. Trust me, that’s not something you want to do.


You don’t have to be black to support Civil Rights, and you don’t have to be a Juggalo to support the Juggalo Family. For a very limited time, we are offering a special opportunity for Juggalos and non-Juggalos alike to support the growth of this unique currency.

We call it “The Insane Coin Possee.”

There are 217 slots available in the Insane Coin Posse. Each slot holder receives 2,170 JuggaloCoins (JUG).

<color=red>Slots 1 - 50: 0.1 BTC each (Availabe Now! 50 left)

Slots 51 - 150: 0.15 BTC each
Slots 151-217: 0.2 BTC each

(Maximum purchase is 4 BTC per individual.)

We will update the availability regularly. You don’t need to worry about making a payment and having us come back and say “Oh those slots sold out, send more money.” Nope, doesn’t work like that. If this page says it’s available, it’s available. When all slots are sold, payment links will be removed and the Posse will be closed forever to new members. Seats are obviously limited and once it’s full, it’s full. Don’t miss out.


Why is it that with every single crypto coin we only see the front of the coin? We never see the back side?

Well I like big backsides and I cannot lie…

So JuggaloCoin (JUG) will feature a backside that will be included on our website and marketing material. And as a member of the Insane Coin Posse, you’ll be able to have your name or message permanently featured on the backside of the coin! (up to 12 characters)

Normally, to get your name on a coin you have to fight in wars and shit. Now you have the chance for immortality without the hassle. Just join the Insane Coin Posse!

The funds we raise through the Insane Coin Posse will be used for development and marketing. We’re launching our marketing campaign today with a press release that will be distributed to media outlets worldwide. So check the “In the News” section below for the latest updates.

Do you accept escrow?

Hell yes! Of course we do. We are working with as our official escrow provider. Details about escrow payments through them will be available tomorrow.

Do you accept payment in anything other than Bitcoin?

Hell yes!

We also accept the following crypto currencies: Litecoin, 42, AndroidTokensV2, Anoncoin, BBQcoin, BottleCaps, CatCoin, CryptogenicBullion, DigitalCoin, Diamond, Dogecoin, Devcoin, EarthCoin, FreiCoin, Franko, FastCoin, FetherCoin, Frozen, GoldCoin, GameCoin, Grain, iCoin, InfiniteCoin, KlondikeCoin, KrugerCoin, MaxCoin, MegaCin, MintCoin, MemoryCoin, NetCoin, IncaKoin, NameCoin, NobleCoin, NovaCoin, NXT, OrbitCoin, PeerCoin, Platinum Coin, Quark, RedCoin, StableCoin, Spots, TerraCoin, Unobtanium, WorldCoin, HashDollar, Xivra, PrimeCoin, and ZetaCoin.

These alt coins are accepted through (Note: Escrow is not available for payments in alt coins. It’s just too complicated to set up that many different escrow systems.)

Click Here to make a payment through

How About a Simple BTC Payment Method?

Want to just send your payment now in Bitcoin and not hassle with escrow or alt coins?

No problem!

Just send your BTC to 1JPoagE9z27ekNttLNZp2n7H32Zy8VPnPU and then PM me with your transaction ID.

Join "The Insane Coin Posse Now"!

There are 217 slots available in the Insane Coin Posse. Each slot holder receives 2,170 JuggaloCoins (JUG).

Slots 1 - 50: 0.1 BTC each

Slots 51 - 150: 0.15 BTC each  (71 Left!)
Slots 151-217: 0.2 BTC each



Click the button below
for Alt Coin Payment
Direct Bitcoin Payment
Send to: 1JPoagE9z27ekNttLNZp2n7H32Zy8VPnPU

We've been receiving a TON of press coverage the past few days. Here's a sample:


Daily Dot:

And just do a Twitter search for "JuggaloCoin" to see how many people are talking about it!


Algorithm: SHA-256
Initial Block Reward: 535 Coins (Halving every 50,000 blocks)
Target Block Time: 60 seconds
Total Coins: 53,500,000


There are some awesome alt coins that are targeted toward current crypto users. These coins don’t need a premine, because its easy to reach their target audience right here on Bitcontalk. However, with coins that target an audience outside current Bitcoin users (Juggalos or residents of Iceland, for example), reaching a critical mass of that audience is much more difficult.

There have recently been a lot of “country coins” trying to do this, and they almost all have a 50% premine. We believe that such a huge premine is NOT necessary and is bad for the coin in the long run.

JuggaloCoin has a small 2.17% premine. With some innovative, cost-efficient marketing, we are confident that we can still penetrate the target audience and kickstart adoption of the coin.

Here’s how this premine will be used:

Hatchet Drop (2,170 bundles of 217 coins each) 470,890 coins
Insane Coin Posse (217 shares of 2,170 coins each) 470,890 coins
Bounties and Incentives 217,000 coins
We’ll also have one share of coins for
“Hatchet Man” which will be hacked up and
burned (sent to a dead address).
1,160,950 total premine (2.17% of 53,500,000 total coins)


Charities: Juggalo Charities are a big part of JuggaloCoin, so we are going to have some huge bounties for the first charities to accept JuggaloCoin. To claim, you must be a registered 501C(3) or the equivalent in your jurisdiction, and you must identify yourself in your marketing material as a Juggalo organization.

1st Certified Juggalo Charity to accept JuggaloCoin 50,000 coins
2nd Certified Juggalo Charity to accept JuggaloCoin 30,000 coins

Gathering of the Juggalos (GOTJ) Vendors: Having JuggaloCoin accepted at the annual Gathering of the Juggalos will be an enormous boost for the coin, as the event is attended by over 20,000 hardcore Juggalos. So we included funding for some nice bounties to make sure this happens.

1st GOTJ vendor to accept JuggaloCoin 30,000 coins
2nd GOTJ vendor to accept JuggaloCoin 20,000 coins
3rd GOTJ vendor to accept JuggaloCoin 10,000 coins


Android Wallet - 10,000 Coins
Plus an additional 15,000 Coins payable after 30 days if all support issues have been addressed

Mac Wallet - 2,000 Coins
Linux Wallet - 2,000 Coins
Paper Wallet - 1,000 Coins

Block Explorer - 5,000 Coins


1st Pool - 1,000 Coins
2nd Pool - 500 Coins
3rd Pool - 500 Coins
4th Pool - 500 Coins
5th Pool - 500 Coins

DDOS Protected Launch Nodes - 500 Coins each

1st Game - 500 coins
2nd Game - 500 coins
3rd Game - 500 coins

1st Faucet - 1,000 coins
2nd Faucet - 1,000 coins
3rd Faucet - 1,0000 coins

Translations (No machine translations, please):

Chinese: 500 coins
Dutch: 500 coins
French: 500 coins
German: 500 coins
Italian: 500 coins
Polish: 500 coins
Portuguese: 500 coins
Russian: 500 coins
Spanish: 500 coins


For some coins, it’s a BIG DEAL to be listed on exchanges on launch day. They pay all kinds of ...uhm... incentives to be there on Day 1.


If you’re building a currency to be pumped and dumped, then yeah, I guess early exchange listing is vital. But if you are building for the long term, what’s the rush?

There’s no rush here. We will be listed on exchanges soon enogh, I’m sure. Given the amount of press that this is going to generate, there may be some exchanges that list us on launch day. But we are not going to push for it. Our focus is on building for long-term growth.


How do I get in on this NOW?

Just follow the instructions below for your chosen payment type. It’s very simple, and you will receive your coins on launch day.

Now I’m off to ask a little Jugalette to show me her JUGs.

Whoop Whoop! C'mon!


Join "The Insane Coin Posse Now"!

There are 217 slots available in the Insane Coin Posse. Each slot holder receives 2,170 JuggaloCoins (JUG).

Slots 1 - 50: 0.1 BTC each

Slots 51 - 150: 0.15 BTC each  (71 Left!)
Slots 151-217: 0.2 BTC each


Click the button below
for Alt Coin Payment
Direct Bitcoin Payment
Send to: 1JPoagE9z27ekNttLNZp2n7H32Zy8VPnPU
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